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NexMind AI was founded in the year 2019. We are the data intelligence search engine solution powered by flexible AI-based NLP search architecture. Our mission and vision is to reinvent scalable global AI-powered search technology architecture and leveraging advances in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to solve everyday problems.


  • Formerly known as NexODN international SDN BHD. Founded by CEO & Founder, Mr Francis Lui
  • Launched the World's-first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine-Learning SEO Platform as a Service (PaaS) in Malaysia


  • Recognized by DIGERATI 50-Digital News Asia (DNA)
  • Launched the World's-first SEO Autopilot Platform, named as NexRank
  • Launched the AI-Powered Leads Capturing and Routing System, named as NexLead
  • Awarded MYR2 million CIP Accelerate Granted by Cradle


  • Merit winner of MSC Malaysia APICTA AWARD 2020 under the Artificial Intelligence category World-First Artificial Intelligence SEO Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Developed the AI-Powered SEO in Chinese version as the world's-first AI-Powered SEO Predictive Modeling in Chinese market
  • Expanded AI-Powered SEO in Indonesia version to target the Indonesia market
  • Spearheaded AI-Pwered SEO into Japanese market
  • Developed the AI-Powered SEO in Italian, German, French and Spanish for oversea market


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We are a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence company to make Artificial Intelligence (AGI) robots modeled on computational concepts of the human brain. NexMind AI as a whole is established to help companies solve different business challenges by finding the best predictive model for their data.

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