AI-Powered SEO Services

The Smart Artificial Intelligence Powered SEO Platform You Need to Elevate Your Business to The Next Level

Your AI Search Architecture for Keyword Ranking

Uplifts organic search traffic and search ranking AI Big Data Modeling

The AI-SEO expert system employing various machine learning and deep algorithms to understand exactly what you have to include in your SEO strategy and grow your business, unlike traditional manual guesswork. Available in multiple languages including SEO for Mandarin, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Spanish and many more!

Our AI-SEO services will enable agile changes to large and enterprise sites and essentially provide a radical shift in the technology market. It's 100% deliverable and we guarantee a top-ranking website position in organic Google SERP within an agreed timeframe.

Your AI Search Architecture for Keyword Ranking

Uplifts organic search traffic and search ranking AI Big Data Modeling


Keyword Insertion

Discover the competitive term or keywords according to searcher intent and most suitable for your business industry.


Data Harvesting

Harvest all of the data from Google SERP to analyze what are the profitable keywords and terms for your website.


Premium Expert AI Recommendation System

Our AI-SEO will analyze the top 30 ranking websites and provide a full set of important terms and phrases. It will benchmark your website content agianst the top 10 search results.


Optimizing Content Creation

Reveal highly relevant and profitable topics (keywords and terms) and include them in your content. Use the data analysis to generate title, description and website content.

100% Deliverable SEO Result through Artificial Intelligence

Expert System Powered by Proprietary Algorithms

Keyword Intelligence

Provides precise keywords recommendations based on your target audience and searcher intent targeting, using NexODN's Sure-Fire Modeling.

Rank Intelligence

Provides precise location-based rank tracking, real time rank changes update, and schedules for ranking tracking updates.

Reporting Intelligence

Provides smart reporting dashboard to view all performance reporting such as website audit, website ranking, keyword and content analysis, and other upcoming features such as lead generation management.

Content Intelligence

Able to identify, compare and leverage strategies from your competitor's website. AI Content Topic Recommendations are based on content-driven sites such as medium, reddit and etc.

What set us apart from others?

Traditional SEO

AI-Powered SEO

Unpredictable result
100% Achievable Ranking Results


Use intensive manpower to trial & error
Know precisely what is needed to rank in Google with NO guessworks

Defining Keywords

Few months to see some results
See the results within 30 days

Time required

Requires more than 3 weeks to perform
Deploy a site using AutoPilot SEO using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in single click

Optimization Time Length

Low leads with low conversion rate
Growth in quality leads with high conversion rate

Leads & Conversion

Ranking will have large fluctuate among pages in Google search page
Remain in the Google Page No.1 with very minimal ranking difference

Google Core Algorithm updates

No technology by using guessworks in guessing the algorithm
AI technology patented in USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand


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