Real-Time SEO Ranking

You're the only one click away to check the keywords ranking. Check and view all of the real-time rankings in a single glance.

Get The Most Accurate Ranking Checker

Perform real-time analysis against SEO ranking factors.

We analyze the top 30 websites from Google SERP to get the most accurate ranking. We compare and analyze the website based on the similarity. Other than a real-time ranking checker, you will be able to optimize your website content through the software. The software enables you to change your preferred website content and publish the changes directly from the dashboard in just a few clicks away.

What Set Us Apart From Others?

NexMind AI generates a smart recommendation base of a regional and international huge pool of datasets for your on-page SEO and content optimization through our exclusive Machine Learning technology

Machine Learning(ML) Trained

The 1st ever ML SaaS leading with Natural Language Processing, studying how search engines work and bring you closer to the fact.

NLP Competitors & Results Driven

Outranking your competitors without having to switch to other platforms. Get the competitor analysis in a single glance

Term Importance Focused

Able to provides users an array of keyword compositions that can use and the terms which is contextually linked to your main keyword

Bridge the gap between different words

Identify the keyword with the same meaning and discover the hidden keywords terms

Location-Based Search

Check your localized search rankings from over N location worldwide.

NLP Content Gap Analysis Engine

Identify, compare and leverage SEO strategies into action through the topic modeling.

Implement Quality SEO Strategies To Your Site In Shortest Time

Get smart recommendations according to your ideal keywords and get it done by few clicks.


Analyze the website and provide the smart recommendation that related to your targeted keywords


Generate a smart recommendation based on the regional and international huge pool of datasets for your on-page SEO strategy and content optimization through Machine Learning technology.


The fastest way to access your keyword ranking data. Access real-time ranking result whenever you want.


Optimize over 1000 pages in a shorter amount of time. No more waiting for the web developer as you can be the one to change the content whenever you like.

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